We Buy Anything

Circle Square Second Hand Store Missoula MontanaAh … that Sign. I’m sure it seemed like a great idea in 1969, when the store was basically empty, to put out the call for goods.  This is backed up by the fact that American Pickers “picked” that phrase for the intro to their massively popular show. But … nine days out of 10, I’d like to get up there with a can of white paint and end its  existence.  You see, I get yelled at weekly for not wanting to buy someone’s dirty socks, ex-wife, unruly child or cheap Wal-Mart leftovers. People who need money don’t like to be told no.

So you say, why not get rid of the sign?

Can’t. It’s part of the building’s National Historic Register Designation. In fact, it’s quite prominently mentioned in the language of said desgnation. So …

In spite of the above, we do buy a lot of stuff. I don’t buy anything made in china. I don’t buy things made of plastic, but

 I am Always Buying:

  • Cast Iron cookware: old wagner and griswald or Piqua, pans, griddles, tea pots, waffle irons.
  • Acoustic instruments: guitars, banjos, mandolins, fiddles
  • Furniture: Dressers, Desks, Book shelves, coffee tables, end tables made of wood, not particle board
  • Vintage Stereo Gear:  Amps, turntables, EQs, Reel to Reels
  • American and German Made tools
  • American and German made Knives
  • Funky Kitchen Gadgets
  • Things that say Made in America



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