Counter Mascots

This is Duane. He’s been here for a long time. My inside joke is that this would be me without Circle Square 2nd Hand. Mercifully

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, I am not Duane. I still have some of my hair and my wardrobe is much finer. I get to hang out and do business in (usually) beautiful Downtown Missoula, I get to eat good food and beverages largely served to me by my own customers. It’s a good Circle. Circle Square that is.

This is Bertha, our most recent Mascot. She’s a tough bird and is definitely up to something. Unlike Duane who hides behind the scenes, she is front and center at the counter no matter who is the clerk. Clerks are not here to take shit, they are here to take your money ,(for needful things of course.) Be kind to the Bertha’s and Clerks of the world.

This sign is quintessential Circle Square. It was literally behind the counter when I started working here 31+ years ago and is a daily reminder that the job is never done. Recycling that is.

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